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February 25, 2020

Despite being Latin American, Brazil has the qualifications of an independent civilization in its own right. The same might be said about Morocco in North Africa/Middle East.

Morocco is a unique country. It has an Arab/Amazigh population, yet it is also in some ways sub-saharan. Its splendid architecture, unique cuisine, and special brand of Arabic music demonstrate a smooth mix of Andalusian, indigenous Amazigh, and Middle Eastern influences.

Its Arab and Amazigh components share a sense of common identity and destiny. The preponderance of the tribal component in Morocco or tribalism in general has been diluted by a long history of sophisticated Sufi traditions and orders, which were sometimes warring. The figure of the king plays a highly symbolic role in these traditions.

This unique set of traditions and culture cement its various Amazigh components and Arabs, as well as its variant lifestyles.

Morocco boasts a highly valuable intangible asset represented in its location and culture. It is North African and also considerably involved in Middle Eastern affairs. It has deep ties and connections into Sub-Saharan Africa and it is in a tangent with Europe geographically and demographically. Alas, the dilemma and paradox of Morocco that stand in the way of sweeping modernisaions is that it is the traditions that preserve the integrity of Morocco,

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